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Auto Location IM4383 for Opel 2009~2015 works well as OE-sensors


All iM TPMS sensors are preloaded with all information needed and to work with full function well as OE-sensors.  No programming no cloning process is required.

Now iM TPMS owns IM3542, IM3543, IM4168, IM3557 and IM4383 carried auto location technology.  To install iM TPMS auto location sensors, to drive the vehicle for prescribed amount of time over a certain MPH to finish relearn procedure.  No tools to do for relearn procedure, or to assign direction R or L.

"No wheel rotation issue" is the advantage to choose iM TPMS auto location sensors.  They can register wheel positions automatically in accordance with built-in full function while wheels rotate.

IM4383 application in North American market:
Chevrolet Corvette  2014~2015

IM4383 application in European market:
Chevrolet  Volt  2012~2015
Opel  Adam     2013~2014
Opel  Ampera  2012~2015
Opel  Astra J    2010~2015
Opel  Cascada  2013~2014
Opel  Corsa      2009~2014
Opel  Insignia   2008~2014
Opel  Zafira  Tourer  2012~2015
Saab  9-5    2010~2011