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Where to buy iM TPMS sensors in EU?


Winter is approaching.  Are you ready for winter tyres?  Stock of iM TPMS sensors are well prepared for the customers at AUTEC GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.  Deliveries can be done in very short time.

Advantages of iM TPMS sensors:

  1. The vehicle protocols are already installed on the sensor, so programming is not necessary.
  2. Fast and easy mounting.
  3. Various sensor variants with different protocols cover nearly all vehicles in the market.
  4. Low weight, an increased unbalance is avoided at the complete wheel.
  5. Available with silver or black high quality aluminum valve.
  6. Reading with common programming tools possible.
  7. Average battery lifetime from 5~8 years (depending on mileage)

For detailed information on the vehicle coverage, please refer to application guide.