AL Sensor


The vehicle with auto learn TPMS system learns a single new sensor ID without the use of TPMS tool.  Driving the vehicle for prescribed amount of time over a certain MPH to turn off TPMS light.  The relearn procedure is accomplished.  No additional steps or tools are requested.

iM TPMS is the first non-OE manufacturer to incorporate auto location technology.  IM3542, IM3543, IM4168, IM3557 and IM3558 are launched and received positive feedback.

Advantages of iM TPMS sensors carried auto location function:

  • Preloaded with all information needed.  No programming, no cloning processing before mounting.
  • No need to assign direction R or L direction or to assign exact positions.
  • No extra tools required for relearn procedure.
  • Full function, 100% compatible with OE sensors.
  • No wheel rotation issue.  Auto location sensors can register wheel positions automatically in accordance with built-in full function while wheels rotate.

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